About Us

Function Meets Modern

Founded in Southern California, we had a mission to integrate function with comfort while never sacrificing style. To that end, we tasked ourselves to create the best possible weightlifting equipment, focusing on ensuring that every single product meets our highest standards, all while looking exceptionally clean and simple. 

All of our products are specifically designed with modern in mind so that you can achieve maximum gains while loving how you look and feel. 

The Only PowerQuad One

PowerQuad Fitness began with an intense focus on one of the most overlooked pieces of weightlifting equipment - the shoe.  Both a statement of individuality and functionality, the right shoe can make or break any workout.

PowerQuad One is specifically designed with a soft rubber sole to provide the elite grip and balance needed for you to take on your heaviest loads. PowerQuad One is also made of the finest mesh material to keep you light on your toes and give your feet the chance to breathe in between those heavy sets. 

And best of all, PowerQuad One's minimal and modern look will make you proud to wear these everyday, whether working out at home or at the gym.